Monday, August 31, 2009

Meet the Idiot.

In the story, now we have supervised visitation with my FIL as the supervisor. This went on for a month in that we got Z for a few hours on Tuesday nights while my FIL was there. No weekends, just on Tuesday. After a month of this, it was dropped and we resumed normal visitation. No "abuse allegations" since. What a crock of horseshit.

We walked on eggshells for quite some time and of course documented every single bruise, scratch, or bug bite Kiddo got. He would come to our house with dark circles under his sunken eyes, covered with hundreds of bug bites, bruises all over his legs, trunk, arms, and face, and he wouldn't have bathed since the last time we saw him. The kid would stink so badly that as soon as he came near us our noses would crinkle up. I remember many occasions where he'd have that funk about him and he'd go straight into the bathtub before he could do anything else. What kind of shitforbrains egg donor doesn't bathe their kid for a WEEK? He'd have cradle cap at THREE YEARS OLD from not bathing. It was just disgusting. His fingernails and toenails would be out of control long, and his hair would be in his eyes...and not in the cute, stylish way.

We once got a letter from her brother who just finished law school saying that we were to NOT cut his hair because The Beast was primary custodial parent and she was to have the say over who cut his hair. We were SO PISSED about that. THEN CUT HIS F****** hair so he can see and not look like a homeless kid!

She doesn't send clothes to our house for him to wear so I go out and purchase clothes for him to wear while at our house on the weekends, then I wash the clothes she sends him in for him to wear back. The reason I don't send him back in ours is because I'll never see them again. I finally made her bring an outfit to leave at our house so he wouldn't go back to school on Wednesday morning in what he wore on Tuesday.

Fast forward a couple of years and she had met some guy on the internet and has begun dating him. She got married after knowing the guy 3 months. His name is Idiot. This guy is so full of shit that I can't begin to tell you how ridiculous he is. You automatically feel dumber after listening to him for 5 minutes.

So, she got married and told us after the fact like we did. We were shocked, because there was never a mention of this guy and she only called to tell Husby because Kiddo's hair was buzzed. BUZZED. This, after a hateful letter from her shitforbrains brother tells us we cannot cut his hair. The haircut he got from us was short, but still over an inch long. The one from her is BUZZED. Husby said he could tell she didn't want to tell him, but knew he'd be shocked. Husby just said, "Okay." Hung up the phone and THEN he let loose.

While they were married, Idiot decided that he was Mr. Dad and Husby called The Beast and informed her that Idiot was NOT Kiddo's father and under NO uncertain terms should Kiddo be calling him "Daddy." Husby was PISSED and rightfully so. I had never asked Kiddo to call me "mommy" and he always calls me by my first name. Beast admitted it wasn't right and would fix it. Damn straight she will.

I met Idiot one day to drop off Kiddo to him and Idiot was being a complete shithead to Kiddo. Griping at him for doing kid things: touching anything he walks past, skipping, etc. I bit my tongue but was not happy. You don't come into a kid's life and start being shitty and barking orders. So I decided my new angle of attack: befriend the Idiot. Get info from him and use it against them later when the time was right.

Idiots are AWESOME for dispensing info they shouldn't. :)


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